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Free Resources That You Can Use During Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted by August on May 4, 2022 4:48:05 PM

Did you know that May is mental health awareness month? According to Mental Health America, approximately 20% of adults in the United States are experiencing a mental illness, with South Carolina ranked 10th in prevalence. 

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African American Heritage Steeped In The History Of The Grand Strand

Posted by August on Feb 9, 2022 1:10:19 PM

The Grand Strand area is rich with African American history, and with February being Black History Month, there's no better time to explore the past and honor those who paved the way.

As I was researching places and events in our area celebrating black history month, I came across the blog post below, written by Visit Myrtle Beach. It is an excellent round-up of places in our community that share the story of how African culture has shaped our area and lifestyle.

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Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine's Day

Posted by August on Feb 4, 2022 2:15:07 PM

February is here, and love is in the air. It's actually pretty hard to hide from love this time of year, especially when the shelves of every store are lined with hearts and other cheesy romantic things.

Although Valentine's Day can be a bit commercial, I love having a special day dedicated to showing my friends, family, and significant other how much I love them.

Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it, this time of year is a perfect reminder to give yourself a little self-love.

Self-Love can sound like a cheesy thing. My first thought always goes to giving myself a big hug or something silly. However, self-love really boils down to the stuff you're doing every day to show yourself some love. Are you investing time and energy into yourself? Are you lifting yourself up? Are you as kind and giving to yourself as you are to the people you love? If not, Valentine's Day is a great time to start.

I'm not saying you have to buy yourself a card and box of chocolates. However, if it makes you feel good, then you definitely should.

If you need a few ideas for practicing self-love this Valentine's Day season, check out my suggestions below:

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How To Honor Veterans All Year Long

Posted by August on Nov 2, 2021 1:33:41 PM

Last year, I wrote the blog post, Ways to Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day. I included all of the typical Veterans Day festivities: flying a flag, saying thank you, attending a service, etc. And as nice as those gestures are, they don't really hold the level of gratitude that we should be showing our former servicemen and women.

On Veterans Day, we close businesses, post on social media, and acknowledge and glorify our Veterans; But how are we thanking them on the other 364 days of the year? Are we celebrating and acknowledging just during the special occasion, the way we do with most other holidays, and then moving on as soon as the decorations come down? How can we continue to honor the men and women who have served our country in our day-to-day lives?

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Posted by August on Oct 20, 2021 3:51:57 PM

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you don't already have a costume, this is your sign to make your own. If you're not super crafty, no need to worry, these costumes are super easy to make; plus, they're also super cheap.

Halloween can get pretty expensive once you've bought a costume, accessories, candy, treat bags, etc. Save some money this year and make one of the creative costumes below:

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$20 Date Ideas

Posted by August on Aug 19, 2021 4:22:16 PM

Love might not have a price tag, but dates most definitely do. How do you treat that special someone to a great date when even "dinner and a movie" breaks the bank?

Here are a few date ideas that are creative, unique, and less than $20.

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At-Home Tips for a Successful School Year

Posted by August on Aug 12, 2021 2:37:25 PM

Getting back into the swing of things at the start of every new school year can be difficult. However, this year may be exceptionally challenging since many students did virtual schooling last year or were only in the classroom for part of the week. Although there may be a few bumps in the road, here are a few things that you can try at home to make your child's school year more successful:

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Donate Today - A List of Local Back-To-School Drives

Posted by August on Aug 5, 2021 11:58:35 AM

Back-to-School magic is in the air. August is here, the stores have started stocking their shelves with school supplies, and teachers are holding on tight to their last few days of summer.

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Prepared for Tax-Free Weekend?

Posted by August on Jul 30, 2021 10:10:55 AM

The dog days of summer are officially here. I used to dread this time of year as a kid because I knew that the start of a new school year was sure to follow. I always hated kissing summer goodbye, but at least I got to go back-to-school shopping.

I've always been a shopper, so my favorite part of heading back to school was shopping for new clothes, shoes, and supplies. Growing up in a small town in Virginia, we didn't have many retail stores to get the things we needed, so we always came to the beach for our big back-to-school shopping trip. If she could, my mom always tried to plan our trip on tax-free weekend.

This year, tax-free weekend is August 6th-8th. If you're planning to shop, check out my blog post from last year's tax-free weekend for a few pro tips.

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How To Thrift Shop Like a Pro

Posted by August on Jul 23, 2021 9:12:24 AM

As said by the famous Carrie Bradshaw, “a closet full of clothes, nothing to wear.” If you’re like me, you may run into this dilemma far more often than you should. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect solution, thrift shopping. When you’re able to find trendy outfits for cheap at your local thrift store or Goodwill, you can feel a lot less guilty about overfilling your closet.

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