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Practical Money Tips Your 5-Year-Old Will Understand

Posted by August on Apr 3, 2024 4:27:53 PM

April is CUNA Youth Month, which is a perfect opportunity to start the conversation with your kids about money. Let’s face it: no kid is going to master money at age five. However, introducing financial concepts early on can help them be more capable and comfortable with money later in life. Here are some easy tips you can teach your five-year-old about finance:

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How to Save During Wedding Season

Posted by August on Mar 27, 2024 12:01:56 PM

I can't believe that my favorite season of the year is almost here, wedding season. Once we start seeing the first few glimpses of spring weather, I can always expect wedding invitations to start flooding in. And with every wedding invitation that I receive, there is sure to be a shower invitation to follow. I've been invited to so many weddings this year that I'm starting to think the saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers" isn't about rain after all. 

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Get into the Valentine's Day Spirit in Downtown Conway

Posted by August on Feb 7, 2024 12:39:17 PM
Are you looking to get into the Valentine's spirit? Head into Downtown Conway and check out the city's Conversation Heart and Marquee Light Displays. With romantic signs like Kiss Me and Be Mine or fun friendship signs like Bestie or Furever, it's the perfect Valentine's experience for anyone looking to get into the season of love. And the best part is that walking around, taking photos, and enjoying the city's charm is totally free!

Below are the locations for the Conversation Hearts and Marquee Light Displays:

Conversation Hearts:
  •  First Kiss: Riverfront Park
  • Hug Me: Beside of The Lennon Collective
  • Crazy4U & Too Cute: Between A Cup Full Coffee Shop and Ann Booth's Jewelers
  •  I'm Yours, Bestie, and Te Amo: Town Green
  • True Love: Courtyard to the left of City Hall
  • Be Mine and XOXO: City Hall

Marquee Light Displays:
  • Love- Kingston Park
  •  Single and Happy- Terrace
  • Kiss Me- Side of City Hall
  •  Be Mine- Courtyard beside of Whitaker's restaurant
  •  Best Friends- Under Archway near Planning and Zoning
  •  Single and Looking- Public Restrooms near Town Green
  •  Furever & Marry Me- Riverfront Park
  • Pink and Purple Lights- Walkway Under the Bridge

For more details, check out my Valentine's Day reels on my Instagram page, @successinthebag.

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American Heart Month: 6 Tips for Heart-Healthy Living

Posted by August on Feb 1, 2024 2:01:30 PM

February is American Heart Month, a perfect reminder for everyone to check in on our cardiovascular health. Especially women, as heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined. 

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Myrtle Beach Bowl

Posted by August on Dec 14, 2023 2:06:02 PM

All year long, we've been gearing up for the 4th Annual Myrtle Beach Bowl Game, which will be held this Saturday, December 16th. Now that Bowl Week has officially arrived, we've been booked and busy with pre-game events. 

Carolina Trust has been a proud sponsor of the Myrtle Beach Bowl since the inaugural game in 2020. This postseason competition features matchups from three conference partners – Conference USA, Mid-American Conference (MAC), and Sun Belt Conference. This year, Ohio University and Georgia Southern University have been selected as the two teams facing off at Brooks Stadium. 

We recently had Rachel Quigley, Executive Director of the Myrtle Beach Bowl, and Dale Steele, Myrtle Beach Bowl Advisor, on a Living Local Carolina Financial Friday Community Panel segment to talk about the upcoming game. Check out the segment below!

Click here for additional information about the Myrtle Beach Bowl and Carolina Trust's partnership. 


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What You Need to Know About the New SAVE Plan for Student Loans

Posted by August on Oct 12, 2023 5:29:24 PM

The Biden administration announced the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan in June 2023. The plan will put monthly payments at $0 for many borrowers and save others up to $1,000 monthly. Here’s how to know if you’re eligible and what to do if you are.

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"We ❤️ Our Lawyers" Vlog

Posted by August on Sep 28, 2023 9:31:53 PM

On the August and September Financial Friday Community Panel segments, I was joined by two esteemed attorneys, Doug Lineberry and James K Gilliam, Equity Partners Burr Forman LLP for our “We ❤️ Our Lawyers” segments.

Prior to the "We ❤️ Our Lawyers" segments, we took submissions from members of the community with legal questions for our attorneys. Check out the segments below to see some of the questions that were submitted and our attorney's professional opinions:


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4 Tips to Acclimate Your Child to a New School Year from Horry County Schools' Teacher of the Year

Posted by August on Aug 8, 2023 2:05:42 PM

Preparing your child for a new school year can be difficult. Not only are there new school clothes and supplies that you have to stock up on, but meeting a new teacher and settling into a new environment can be both mentally and emotionally taxing and may require some help from you. 

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Tax Free Weekend: How to Shop Like a Pro

Posted by August on Aug 3, 2023 11:03:14 AM

With the start of a new school year right around the corner, its time to start filling up the cart with back-to-school items. If the rows and rows of school supplies at Walmart and Target haven't already sucked you in, then Tax-Free Weekend is the perfect time to grab some of the key items that may be on your list.

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Back-to-School Financial Friday Community Panel Vlog

Posted by August on Jul 28, 2023 10:15:38 AM

With back-to-school time right around the corner, I was joined on the July Financial Friday Community Panel by Local Civic Leader Fred Nesta to talk about his partnered Back-To-School drive and Horry County School's Teacher of the Year, Emma Lyn Cain, to give parents and students advice for starting a new school year. 

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