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Mothers Day

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by August on May 6, 2021 4:37:07 PM

Every year around Mother's Day, I tell myself that I'm going to start gift shopping early to give myself enough time to find the perfect gift. I typically start thinking about gift ideas well in advance; however, selecting a gift and purchasing one is a whole different story.

Mother's Day is always one of the most challenging holidays to shop for because there is genuinely no gift on the planet that is good enough to thank my mom for all that she's done/does for me. And since I know the perfect gift doesn't exist, I typically buy my mom something that I know she needs, and then I wait until the very last minute to buy it. Luckily for you, that means I'm the Queen of last-minute gift ideas. So, if you still haven't found the "perfect" Mother's Day gift, check out my last-minute gift ideas below:


My mom's birthday is May 3rd, so she typically gets the gift she wants or has been asking for on her birthday. Since she already has what is on her wish list, I run into the same problem every year regarding what to get her for mother's day. In the past few year's I've resulted in seasonal gifts. With Mother's Day right before the start of summer, I tend to get my mom gifts that she can use. Last year I went to the greenhouse and bought my mom ferns for her front porch and a new summer flag and flag pole. Last year was such a hit that I stuck with the same theme this year and bought her gift a little earlier than usual. This year, I got her a new beach coverup, beach towel, beach bag, and sun hat. (Surprise, mom, if you happen to read this!)


If your mom is like mine, then she probably still has (and uses) all the handprint art and school crafts that you gave her for Mother's Day as a child. Although she probably wouldn't appreciate a handprint craft as much now, there are still lots of homemade Pinterest gifts that she would cherish.

Not only are homemade gifts sometimes a bit cheaper, but they're also more personal. Homemade gifts let the person receiving them know that you took time to think about them and put hard work into making their gift.


If your mom is all stocked up on Summer things and you're not very crafty, experiences always make excellent gifts. Last mother's day, we were all still in quarantine, which made giving experiences pretty tricky. On the bright side, your mom may be itching to get out of the house and do something fun. Look online for tickets to her favorite band or a show she might enjoy. If your mom isn't really into the arts, take her to do an activity that the two of you have never tried before. Even if y'all don't find your new favorite hobby, I can guarantee she'll cherish the quality time that you all spend together.

Gift Cards

If you don't know exactly what to get your mom, but do know her favorite place, then you can always buy her a gift card. I know that any mom would LOVE a gift card from Taylor Wellness Med Spa. We recently shot a segment of Living Local Carolina at Taylor Wellness Med Spa, where we learned about all of the different services that they offer. Check out the segment below:



Pro Tip:

Always buy a card. As I mentioned before, there's no gift good enough to thank my mom for all that she's done/does for me, but writing those thoughts and emotions down in a card is the next best thing. Mother's Day is a gift to celebrate mom, and there is no better way to celebrate mom than by letting her know how much she is loved and appreciated.

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