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Share the Love With a Handmade Valentine's Day Card

Posted by August on Feb 11, 2021 4:11:39 PM

As a child, I always loved Valentine's Day. My favorite part of celebrating was going to the store and picking out a box of Valentine's Day cards to give the other kids in my class. It always took me forever to address my cards because I wanted each card's phrase to match its recipient perfectly. And let's face it, it's a tough decision to decide who gets "Be Mine" when you're in the fourth grade. Honestly, that card probably got tossed in the trash.

I'm not sure that finding the right card for my loved ones has gotten any easier as an adult. Although there are isles and isles of cards with both funny and mushy sayings, nothing ever really seems to perfectly suit my friends and family, which is why I've resorted to making my own.

While I sat down to make my own cards, I began thinking of all those who could use a little extra love this Valentine's Day, so I researched a list of places that I could send additional cards.

Soldiers Angels

Soldiers Angels is an organization that sends cards to veterans all over the country on Valentine's Day. Showing our veterans love, not just on Valentine's Day but every day, is important as they have sacrificed so much for us all.

Hugs for Soldiers

Whereas Soldiers Angels send cards to our veterans, Hugs for Soldiers send cards to deployed service members. These men and women are sacrificing a Valentine's Day at home with their loved ones to fight for our freedom overseas. What better way to say thank you than by sending a Valentine's Day card.

Love for Our Elders

This year, the senior adult community has been unable to regularly see friends and family due to COVID-19 health restrictions at many senior facilities. Although we can't visit our senior adults, we can still let them know we're thinking of them by sending cards. Love for Our Elders sends cards to senior adults year-round to help brighten their day and prevent feelings of social isolation.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

My fondest Valentine's Day memories are ones from my childhood. Unfortunately, not all kids have the opportunity to attend Valentine's Day parties at school and exchange cards with friends. Cards for Hospitalized Kids collects cards year-round to be distributed in Children's hospitals around the country. Unfortunately, I was a little too late for the Valentine's Day card deadline, but luckily they accept cards year-round, so I made a few St. Patricks' Day cards instead.



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