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image Pictured Above: All You Need Is... Hope, oil painting submitted to the Quarantine Creative Art Gallery by Craig Stevens.

Coastal Carolina University Online Art Gallery

Posted by August on Jul 28, 2020 8:53:16 AM


Coastal Carolina University recently found a creative way to keep the arts alive amid COVID-19 restrictions. The University released an online exhibit called "Quarantine Creatives," showcasing the work of 23 alumni members. The exhibit features art that was either created during the Pandemic or contains Pandemic related themes.

One of the artists in the exhibit is Craig Stevens, creator of the painting that hangs in our 21st Avenue branch lobby, TRUST. Craig submitted three pieces of art into the exhibit: All You Need Is.....Hope, Inspiration Needs to Find You Working, and Is It Life or Is It. To view Craig's submissions, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

"This work is a continuing exploration of repurposing of images, logos, and type from vintage advertising. The intention is to change the context of these elements to create a new dialogue. The three pieces included were created during the Pandemic. Personally, I have not been quarantined. My employer has been open the entire time. My work is a way for me to process the daily anxiety of our "new normal," said Craig.

As an alumnus of Coastal Carolina University, I think its great to see how they support students long after they graduate. Creating this online gallery was an inventive way for them to give back to the community and the artists by displaying their work. 

As the Pandemic has taken a toll on most of us in some way or another, it is encouraging to see the creativity and inspiration that it provided for these artists to make such beautiful and emotional pieces of work.

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