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Learning How to Say No

Posted by August on Jan 5, 2022 4:03:08 PM

Every single year, improving financial habits is one of the most common New Year's resolutions. There are countless resources on improving your finances through budgeting, saving, investing, etc. Although those are all necessary for healthy finances, you also have to be able to say no when needed.

Avoiding Budget Busters and Temptations

Budget busters and temptations are bound to occur; you have to have the willpower to avoid those things and focus on your goal. The key to saying no to things that aren't beneficial to your financial growth is reminding yourself of your "why."

Knowing Your "Why"

For me, long-term financial security and the peace that comes with knowing that my needs are taken care of motivates me to stick to my financial goals. However, sticking to my goals isn't always easy with never-ending temptations.

Find People Who Support Your Goals

Going out to dinner with friends, traveling, and shopping are major temptations that I have to battle regularly. However, I've surrounded myself with other people pursuing their own financial goals and understand that sometimes enjoying a meal or game night together at home, where you both can save money, is a good alternative to always going out.

Not just for the sake of finances, but surrounding yourself with people who support your goals is an important way to see personal growth.

Saying no can sometimes be challenging to do. You may feel that you'll disappoint others or miss out on things. However, learning how to decline invitations politely and emphasizing to others how important your goals are to you makes saying no a bit easier.

Topics: Personal Finance