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It's Not That Simple

Posted by August on Nov 18, 2021 2:41:49 PM

Art Alexakis once said, "Living isn't a simple thing... no one said it's supposed to be."

We can all probably agree that life isn't simple; it's filled with ups and downs, stressors, problems, and situations that make it complicated. However, if we know that life isn't simple, why do we constantly try to simplify it? We come up with one size fits all solutions and expect them to simplify our issues.

Money Isn't Simple

Money tends to cause so many of our worldly problems, and like life, everyone wants to simplify it. There are books, podcasts, and experts with tips on making money, spending money, saving money, etc. If everyone has the solution to simplifying money, why does it still cause so many problems?

It's because, like life, money isn't simple. There's no one size fits all approach. Everyone's financial situation is different, and the process for managing money will have to be specialized for each individual.

Debt Isn't Simple

Like money, debt also isn't as simple as it seems. The concept of debt is relatively simple for people to grasp; one party owes something to another. However, because people accumulate debt in different ways, the solution to overcoming debt isn't a one size fits all approach either.

Many people, financial consultants, and million-dollar companies claim to have the key to overcoming debt. But just like life and money, debt isn't that simple, and overcoming it takes a specialized approach.

Wealth Isn't Simple

Unless you inherit a large sum of money, becoming wealthy isn't all that simple either. Achieving wealth requires that you make more than you spend for a consistent period. And as simple as that sounds, the cost of living makes that a difficult task, especially considering a majority of wealthy people were once in debt and had to spend money to make money.

Life, money, debt, and wealth are all complicated concepts unless you specify them in your terms. The key to simplifying them all is finding the simplest method to achieve them with the hand you're dealt. Our money, debt, and wealth will never be exactly the same. However, we can both manage to simplify our money, debt, and wealth if we find a simple strategy that works for our situation.

Topics: Personal Finance