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How To Solve the Surprise Gift Fiasco

Posted by August on Dec 9, 2021 5:30:46 PM

It happens every year, without fail, someone brings me a Christmas gift, and I have nothing to give them in return. So, of course, I'm immediately filled with guilt, make up a story about how I left their gift at home, and run out and buy them something last minute.

However, this year, I will effectively and affordably solve the surprise gift fiasco with a bit of pre-planning. Feel free to use my gift ideas below if you're like me and run into this same issue.

The key to solving the surprise gift fiasco is to anticipate it. You may not know who will give it or when they'll give it, but you best believe that the surprise gift will find you when you're least expecting it. So this year, I'm pre-making some generic but cute gift ideas and keeping them in my car; that way, if someone hits me with a surprise gift, I can just run to the car and give them something in return. 

1. For the Coffee Lover

Grab this super cute Starbucks Tumbler Dupe from Walmart or any cute coffee mug, a gift card from your favorite local coffee shop, and some tissue paper and ribbon to make it a little more put-together looking. Stuff the tissue paper into the cup, add the gift card, and tie the ribbon around the handle or straw.

2.For the Self-Care Lover

Find a cute pair of fuzzy socks, a festive single wick candle, and a bath bomb. Stuff one sock into the other, along with the candle and bath bomb, and tie the sock off with a cute ribbon. This way, you get to skimp out on buying a gift bag and use part of the gift for packaging the rest. 

3. Homemade Treats

If you're heading to an event where you feel like you might get hit with a surprise gift, like a church function or work luncheon, bring homemade treats in a cute Christmas tin. 

Now, this gift only works if you know you'll be at a place where you're likely to get a surprise gift because, unlike the other two gifts, homemade treats can't sit in your car from now until Christmas. However, if you can plan for it, homemade treats are a great gift because they show thought and preparation, can be shared by multiple people, and are relatively cheap and easy. 

I also want to mention the importance of setting boundaries and limits for holiday gift-giving. Although I mentioned several gifts that you can have on hand to give people, you do not have to buy a gift for everyone that buys a gift for you. It is always okay to limit the price and amount of gifts you plan to buy and stick to that. It's always important to remember that the reason for the season is not gifting but spending time with loved ones and celebrating Jesus' birth. 

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