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The 6 Best Places on Coastal Carolina University's Campus

Posted by August on Aug 20, 2020 8:35:48 AM

Like most things in 2020, the start of a new school year looks a little different this year for the students at Coastal Carolina University. Unlike previous years, the freshmen class will move onto campus without an official orientation, which showcases many of the school's significant highlights. As a Coastal alumnus, I've put together a list of my favorite spots to check out around campus. Click here for a map of the campus to guide you around to each of my favorite spots.

1. Prince Lawn and Turtle Bridge

At the center of Campus, Prince Lawn serves as the primary location for many student meet-ups, event tabling, and routes to class. Due to the consistent foot traffic, it's not a super ideal place to do homework or study, but it's the perfect place to stop and take in some of South Carolina's beauty. Take the time to count the turtles as you walk across Turtle Bridge, or enjoy an afternoon hammock nap in the trees near the Smith Science Building.

2. Lib Jackson Student Union 

If you're looking for a little more entertainment, the Lib Jackson Student Union is the place to be. Here, you can find the University's movie theater and game room. Click here for hours of operation, upcoming movie schedule, and information about the different games available in the game room. The Student Union is also home to the Career Services department, where you can receive one-on-one help with building a resume, researching career options and applying for internships at local area businesses, like Carolina Trust.

3. HTC Student Recreation and Convocation Center

As an alumnus, my BIGGEST regret is not taking more advantage of the recreation opportunities that were offered at Coastal when I was a student. To date, I have never worked out in a more state of the art facility than the one at the HTC Student Recreation and Convocation Center. Trust me on this one; even if you're not super into fitness, you will regret it if you don't take advantage of it while you can. I currently have memberships at two different exercise facilities to create a regimen that I could have had for free as a student. Not to mention, there is a rock climbing wall that I personally think everyone should climb as a rite of passage before they graduate.

4. Kimbell Library

Kimbell Library "Club K" is the ultimate hang out spot, believe it or not. It is here that I spent hours studying for my senior capstone, drank gallons of Starbucks iced coffee, and made some of my closest college friends. I made so many friends in the library because I met people who encouraged me to work harder and focus on what was most important, my education. My library friends helped me study for the hard tests, sparked my creativity for the endless papers, and sent me upstairs to the quiet floor when I needed to focus more intently on my work. 

5. Hicks Dining Hall

There are days when I sit at my desk at work and truly crave a sandwich from Hicks Dining Hall. There must be magic in their hot press because those sandwiches truly are second to none. If dining hall food isn't for you, don't worry, there are lots of other options to choose from. However, you definitely won't want to miss Hicks Dining Hall theme nights. 

6. Edwards Courtyard

If you ever need a quiet place to read or think, there is nowhere better than the Edwards courtyard. The Edwards building is home to the Humanities and Fine arts department, so if you're there at the right time, you can just barely hear the choir or the band practicing. College can sometimes be stressful, so having somewhere to go that brings you peace after a hard test, disagreement with a friend, or feeling a little homesick is an essential key to remaining calm and persevering through.

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