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4 Tips to Acclimate Your Child to a New School Year from Horry County Schools' Teacher of the Year

Posted by August on Aug 8, 2023 2:05:42 PM

Preparing your child for a new school year can be difficult. Not only are there new school clothes and supplies that you have to stock up on, but meeting a new teacher and settling into a new environment can be both mentally and emotionally taxing and may require some help from you. 

Below are four tips from 2024 Horry County Schools Teacher of the Year, Emma Lyn Cain, to help your child acclimate to a new school year. 

Getting the Right Supplies

Making sure your child shows up on the first day with all the supplies they need is an excellent step in ensuring they're prepared for a new school year. If you're unsure exactly what supplies are necessary for your child, you can visit the district's webpage to find a list of supplies for each grade level. 

In addition, Ms. Cain recommends reaching out to your child's teacher or asking on open house night if there are any additional classroom-specific supplies they may need, as each teacher and each classroom are different. 

If your child is in need of school supply assistance, you can inform your child's teacher, as they may be able to assist in finding the resources that you need, or reach out to Help4Kids at 843-651-4310 or email them at info@help4kidssc.org.

Attend Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher Night is not only an excellent way for your child to meet their new teacher, but it allows them to get a feel for their new classroom and allows you and their teacher to meet one another and start the beginning of a year-long relationship. Your child's teacher will spend a lot of time with your child over the next ten months and will play a significant role in their life. It's important that you form a relationship with your child's teacher so that there is clear communication and understanding of your child's needs throughout the year.   

Support Your Child's Teacher

As the school year unfolds, there will be decisions made for your child by both you and your child's teacher. Establishing a mutual level of support for one another at the beginning of the year will help your child understand that they will be held to the same level of expectations wherever they are, making it easier for them to understand and follow the rules you both have set. 

Get Involved

Do your best to stay involved in what's going on in your child's classroom throughout the year. Be sure to attend parent/teacher conferences and any important school meetings. If your schedule permits, try to attend extracurriculars such as field trips, awards days, and other fun school events. School is one of your child's biggest priorities in this stage of their life, so getting involved as much as possible reminds them that you think what they're doing matters and is important. 

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