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3 Easy Ways to Free Up Your Income

Posted by August on Jan 11, 2022 12:12:03 PM

Since we're still in January, you know we're going to talk about goals and resolutions. Every year, one of my New Year's resolutions is to increase my savings; this is a resolution that I keep each year because I think it is something that I can always strive to improve upon.

However, just because my savings goal increases every year doesn't mean my income drastically does, which means I have to find other ways to free up my current income and devote it to savings. 

Here are three easy tips that you can try to cut excessive spending and free up more of your income so that you can devote it to your savings:

1. Cancel Subscriptions

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to review your monthly subscriptions and cut out those you haven't been using. If you're not quite ready to cut the cord, a lot of companies will offer discounted rates to members considering canceling or will pause your subscription for a limited time at no charge. U.S. News and World Report suggest using these apps throughout the year to help track and manage your subscriptions so that you're not overspending on subscriptions that you don't use. 

2. Review and Compare Your Monthly Bills and Payments

I recently found myself incredibly overwhelmed with car insurance payments. It seemed like the payment just continued to increase month after month. I knew there had to be a more affordable option. After some research, I switched insurance agencies and started saving over $100 a month. 

The savings I made by switching got me thinking about all of my other bills and whether I was overspending with those too. I went through my monthly bills, compared my current rates with offers from other providers in my area, and was shocked by how much I was overspending for similar services. 

3. Cut Out One Discretionary Expense per Month

I am not thrifty by nature. At times, I can be the queen of "treating myself." Although I know all of the discretionary expenses that I could cut out to free up my income, depriving myself of things that I enjoy is hard. 

I'm not here to preach what I don't practice, so I've decided to pick one discretionary expense each month, to cut out. For January, I've decided to cut out coffee. I am cutting out stopping at Starbucks or C3 Coffee Co. and making coffee at home instead. The money I save from cutting out a different discretionary expense each month will go into my Carolina Trust Savings Account. 

Seeing financial growth doesn't always require life-altering changes. You just have to pay a little closer attention to your finances and stop overpaying for things that aren't necessary or that you aren't using. 

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