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$20 Date Ideas

Posted by August on Aug 19, 2021 4:22:16 PM

Love might not have a price tag, but dates most definitely do. How do you treat that special someone to a great date when even "dinner and a movie" breaks the bank?

Here are a few date ideas that are creative, unique, and less than $20.

Drive-In Movie

Once a month, Thompson Farms hosts a drive-in movie night. With tickets for only $9 apiece, this is the perfect affordable date night. Although the movies aren't brand new blockbuster films, they show some pretty great classics. If you're looking to take your dating game up a notch, bring movie snacks from home and a few blankets so you can get comfy while you watch the film.

Music and Milkshakes

Living near the beach, we have access to one of the most romantic sceneries. Take a walk on the beach in Garden City, and afterward, head up onto the pier for free live music. If you're looking for a sweet way to end your night, head next door to Painter's Ice-cream and share a banana split.

Up for Adventure

Everyone loves an adventurous day date! For just $20, you can rent a 2-person kayak from Express Watersports in Murrells Inlet. Take in the beautiful marsh scenery as you work as a team to paddle through the inlet. Almost like a scene right out of the Notebook, as long as you don't flip, that is.

Treat them Like Royalty

Everyone wants someone who makes them feel like royalty; Take your date where royals belong, Atalaya Castle at Hunting Beach State Park. For just $12, you both can get admission to the park and Atalaya Castle. Take advantage of the park admission and have a beach day, go for a trail walk, or pack a lunch for the perfect picnic.

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